Waze Holiday & CNY Insights 22/23 Malaysia

Despite rising inflation and murky near-term macroeconomic conditions, Malaysia consumers remain optimistic and eager to shop especially when it comes to end of year or festive shopping season. For retailers, revenue goals hinge on their ability to steer in-transit consumers to their doorsteps, elevating physical stores as key touchpoints in the omnichannel customer journey.

Together with Waze, we’ve collected some data from Google Consumer Survey (GCS) to understand what Malaysian Wazers are expecting to do for the occasions such as end of year shopping season, Christmas and New Year and of course Chinese New Year.

  • With monthly 7.8 mil Malaysia active users, 1 out of 3 cars on the street in Malaysia is using Waze.
  • 57% of Malaysian Wazers will visit Physical Stores for their End-Of-Year shopping.
  • 1/2 of Malaysian Wazers spend more than RM800 for CNY shopping.

Download the full report to access more insights and strategies that can help your business or brand to navigate the Holiday & Chinese New Year campaign ahead.




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